paper: BattleCry@WPI 7 Game Rules

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BattleCry@WPI 7 Game Rules
by: ahecht

The second page of the program handed out at BattleCry@WPI 7, which describes the rule modifications.

WPI has had a long history of modifying games for BattleCry, although it’s only done to fix a perceived flaw in game-play (we would never make a change just for the sake of change). Perhaps the most drastic change was for the 2001 game, in which the 4v0 game was modified into a 2v2 game, and a second bridge was added to the middle of the field. On a smaller scale, for last year’s BattleCry, the points for having robots in the home zone were modified to be 5, 10, and 25 points for one, two, or three robots.

For BattleCry@WPI 7, there was an additional scoring opportunity in the middle of the field. It consisted of a 2 ft diameter flat Lexan target suspended 8 1/2 ft above the floor facing the field ends. It had a neutral starting position but, through ball contact, could be activated to favor either the Red or Blue alliance. (E.G., contacts made by balls thrown towards the Red home zone toggled the target to favor the Red alliance.) Its status at the end of the match determined which alliance, if either, gained the 10-point bonus. There was real-time feedback throughout the match to indicate if and when the target was favoring a particular alliance. It could be engaged anytime during a match by any team on either alliance. While it could be engaged by a human player or defensive robot, ball shots from either of these would move the target in favor of the opposing alliance.

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