paper: Becoming a Successful Rookie in FRC

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Becoming a Successful Rookie in FRC
by: pavchag

This whitepaper goes through becoming and succeeding as a rookie team in FRC. This is from my personal experience starting FRC Team 5829.

I go through describing how to start a team (not the technical but logistic aspects) and what is needed for success.
Then I go into the preparations that I think are essential to get the students experience and to get the students into the spirit of FIRST like going to offseason events and volunteering/hosting workshops and so on.
Finally I go though some of the mundane but very useful things like Scheduling, Organization, Roles on the team and also getting ready for the actual competition. These are small but key aspects in being an organized and successful team in FRC.

Becoming a Successful Rookie FRC 5829.pdf (887 KB)