paper: Breakaway Board Game

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Breakaway Board Game
by: IKE

This is a turn based strategy game used to simulate the FRC 2010 game Breakaway.

This powerpoint file contains a turn based strategy game based off of the 2010 FRC game “Breakaway” In this game, 2 or 6 players can control the actions of an alliance or a robots. Turns are taken in 5 second increments to cover the course of the 2 minute match.
The purpose of the game is to help create basic strategies of play and to familiarize oneself with the game.

Breakaway_strategy_game[1].pptx (238 KB)

Here is a game to help with Robot withdrawal while your bot finds its way across the country in its wooden box.

All you really need to play this game is to print out the presentation, line up the field, cut out the balls and bots, and you will need to provide your own dice as your random accuracy generator.