paper: Brunswick Eruption 6 Flyer

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Brunswick Eruption 6 Flyer
by: Wayne C.

flyer for Brunswick Eruption 6 on Nov.3 2007

please distribute this flyer as you wish and promote our event

BRUNSWICK ERUPTION 6 flyer.docx (82.1 KB)

Hey FIRSTers. Here is a file for the BE6 event on November 6. Please pass the word and distribute flyers as you see fit.


What is used to open this file?

WORD 2007. I’ll upload a PDF instead.

Use that one instead.

You can also get a patchy thingy to install over older versions of Word to let you deal with docx’s and xlsx’s and pptx’s, but generally people should try to stick with the older format until Office 2007 is more widespread.