paper: CAD assembly of team 610's 2011 robot, Coyobot XII

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CAD assembly of team 610’s 2011 robot, Coyobot XII
by: Rob Stehlik

Complete CAD model (STEP) of our 2011 robot design.


8WD, 2-speed geared for approximately 5/15 fps.

Custom gearboxes can be changed quickly with 4 screws. This proved very helpful when the pin on one of the shifting dogs broke.

Telescopic arm with pneumatic extension. Two cylinders mounted back to back to provide three positions.

Arm shoulder joint driven by a custom dual 775 motor gearbox. One would have been enough.

Arm was balanced with an air cylinder, but this was later replaced with surgical tubing to reduce air consumption.

Roller claw uses fantastic tread material from Lynxmotion.

Final version of claw with pneumatic opening, greatly improving tube release.

All parts were made at the school, most of them on our new CNC router. In retrospect, we were a bit ambitious with the gearboxes. Hitting the right tolerances on those parts took quite a few tries. Our router is only good for about +/- .003".

610 main (4.96 MB)