paper: Cal Games Publicity - Help Get the Word Out!

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Cal Games Publicity - Help Get the Word Out!
by: Laura Rhodes

Flyers, press release, and sample letters to school administration and corporate sponsors to help publicize the 2006 California Robot Games being organized by WRRF.

Attached are various materials to help publicize the upcoming 2006 California Robot Games.

Acrobat Reader Files:
CalGames2006SchoolAdminLetter.pdf - letter to potential corporate sponsors
CalGames2006PressRelease.pdf - press release
CalGames2006CorporateSponsorLetter.pdf - letter to school administrators

Microsoft Word Files:
CalGames2006SchoolAdminLetter.doc - letter to potential corporate sponsors
CalGames2006PressRelease.doc - press release
CalGames2006CorporateSponsorLetter.doc - letter to school administrators

Anna Huang designed the beautiful flyer. She provided 4 different versions. Here is her explanation of the differences between the various file versions of the flyer:
calgames1.pdf = color, and the fonts are in shapes in case one’s computer doesn’t support the font style.
calgames1-text.pdf = color, and in plain text.
#2’s - accordingly, but in Black and white.

CalGames2006PressRelease.pdf (98.1 KB)
CalGames2006PressRelease.doc (161 KB)
CalGames2006SchoolAdminLetter.pdf (670 KB)
CalGames2006SchoolAdminLetter.doc (1.46 MB)
CalGames2006CorporateSponsorLetter.pdf (666 KB)
CalGames2006CorporateSponsorLetter.doc (1.46 MB)
CalGames1-text.pdf (3.87 MB)
CalGames2.pdf (2.87 MB)
CalGames2-text.pdf (2.6 MB)