paper: CAN Jaguar Speed Control with Current Limit

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CAN Jaguar Speed Control with Current Limit
by: Ether


thermal cutoff.pdf (3.12 KB)

It seems to me that there wouldn’t be enough bandwidth between the cRIO and the jaguars to implement this effectively, as I believe [kamocat]'s testing says roundtrip communication times are in the 10s or 100s of milliseconds, and current spikes will potentially be shorter than that.

While it may help against motors sitting in stall for long periods of time, I’m not certain if this will retain all the desired points of current control mode. Could definitely be worth testing, however.


Thanks for your comments Ryan.

If the concern is the circuit breaker in the Jag, take a look at the Jag in current-control mode with cRIO controlling speed.

If the concern is motor damage due to overheating, the thermal cutoff approach might provide some protection.

If the concern is traction control, using the Jag in speed-control mode and providing a current limit in the cRIO might be the best thing to try.


I guess my comments were mostly because I hadn’t seen the usage cases.