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Championship OPRs by

These are the real Championship OPRs. The ones being passed out at Championship were from regionals and this was being done against my wishes.

Thank you for these. I did not know about the incorrect OPRs at championships, that really is too bad that a team would do that. They might not of realized that robots can change drastically in performance since regionals.

Only thing: Some people don’t know what OPRs are in the first place so it might not hurt to either put a header on the files or in your origin whitepaper post.

Thank you for generating these again!

EDIT: For those who haven’t seen the original white paper about OPRs, it stands for Offensive Power Rating. It is a mathematical way to express team’s progress and, obviously, offensive power. More information about OPRs can be found at this forum thread.

What do negative points indicate?

Likely that the team had a tendency to draw penalties. The definition of OPR as I understand it is “the amount of points a robot contributed to their alliance on average”. So if your team contributed negative points, then you were either such a liability that you hurt your alliance partner’s scoring abilities, or you drew a lot of penalties.

As I understand it, you have to actively be an impediment to scoring (simply not scoring is not enough) in order to get negative points.

Another possibility is that the presence of your robot depressed scores on both sides. A dumper could conceivably do this. Collecting all the balls that would otherwise be shot into the high goal might reduce scores, although sw293 may want to confirm this.

Wow! - It’s hard to believe anyone had a lower Curie division OPR than us. :slight_smile:

Next year…