paper: Championships Returning Teams

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Championships Returning Teams
by: maths222

Analysis of how many teams attended championships in N consecutive years for FTC and FRC

This data was generated using the linked Python script

ftc-cmpanalytics.txt (455 Bytes)
frc-cmpanalytics.txt (1.66 KB)
ftc-cmpanalytics.json (3.88 KB)
frc-cmpanalytics.json (81.8 KB)
ftc-cmpteams.json (3.54 KB)
frc-cmpteams.json (21.1 KB)
ftc-cmpanalytics.html (7.27 KB)
frc-cmpanalytics.html (91.5 KB)

Please take a look at this data analysis I performed today. I personally found the FTC part quite informative (as an FTC alum), but I figured that FRC community members would be interested as well. If anyone can supply team lists for championships before 2003, I can include them in the data as well.

Let me know what you think!

Is there a way to convert this data into a more viewer-friendly format?

Sure! I will take care of that shortly.

I have now included the data in a more readable HTML format (let me know if that does not work for you)

This is perfect, thanks! :smiley:

Now, to be even pickier, is there a way to factor out years that teams have made it to World Champs via waitlist? No worries though, this would probably take a lot of work

Do you know where I would be able to find a list of waitlist-qualified teams? (I assume you want them excluded, not included)

(If we can find a list, it is really easy to edit the script to exclude/include them)

Interesting! I’ve been coming at this from the other angle – looking at teams that haven’t been to Championships for N years. For example, by my calculations, of the 29 attendees of this year’s Greater KC Regional that are more than 8 years old, thirteen hadn’t ever been to championships before this year (two of these teams are going this year, one being a Regional Winner, one via wildcard, the other 11 still won’t ever have attended).

You might want to try combining results of teams 3846 Maelstrom and 4997 Masquerade. Or maybe try alternating between their numbers every other season. I have heard they alternate which is the A team and the B team from their high school yearly. And they always have great teams.