Paper Check-In

After finding out the chaos that is STIMS this year, I’m looking to go the route of using paper consent and release forms this year. However, with the admin manual not being separate anymore, I can’t find any specific information on what we need to bring to the event in order to check-in. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you!

I think this page of the website may have what you are looking for in the “What to Bring” Section.

We needed the official FIRST consent & release forms for each individual, IndianaFIRST consent & release forms* for each individual, and a team roster listing each individual with C&R forms.
I was told that within the district system, we only need to turn in these forms once. I cannot speak on behalf of teams attending multiple regionals, or events outside the district.
It is also a very good idea to have a medical release form for each student as well as a copy of each student’s insurance card, but that is not an official requirement to turn in.

*your region or district may not require a separate form. Check local listings.