paper: Chinese to English Dictionary with pictures and descriptions

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Chinese to English Dictionary with pictures and descriptions
by: Coach Norm

FRC 2468 and FRC 5838 present the Chinese to English Dictionary for FRC Stronghold.

We recently created a Chinese-to-English dictionary, because when we went to the China Robotics Challenge, we discovered that even people who were fluent in both Chinese and English could not accurately communicate because they did not know the technical terms. Our current dictionary is for the FIRST Stronghold game, with over 60 terms in two sections: one that is game specific, and one that covers technical elements.

Here is a direct link to the dictionary:

Dictionary-4.pdf (1.69 MB)

This looks fantastic! I’ll definitely try and use this to explain Stronghold to my cousins when I go to China in the summer for vacation.

Just a few observations:

Can you scale?
-roughly translated, this means can you go up?

Maybe consider changing this to 你可以爬塔吗?Which translates to “Can you climb the tower?” Which may be a little bit easier to understand.

Which defense are you best at?
-from my interpretation, this translates to “Which defense do you want to cross the most?” Which is good, but could be a little clearer using “您哪一个防御交叉最有能力?” Which is more accurately “Which defense are you most skilled at crossing?”

I’m not super great at Chinese though, so they may be a little bit off/need grammar adjustments.

Thank you for you hard work!

Thanks for your suggestions! I’m not the one who originally wrote it, but I’ll make sure she sees this so we can implement your feedback.

On another note, you used "您” in one suggestions and "你” in another, which do you think is more suited for talking to teams in the pit? Would it be weirdly formal to use 您, or is that a good level of respect to show another team? I’m just asking because I only know that it’s formal and polite, but not how formal and polite and which situations call for it.

Thank you so much for doing this. My wife will be queuing next week at the Championship and will certainly use this. She studied in China during college.

At Ventura, 你 was perfectly fine when talking with the members of the Chinese teams who went there.

您 is used when talking to someone older than (i.e. at least a generation in between, not just a year older) or higher in rank than you (e.g. student to teacher), so I’d use 你 when talking to another student but 您 when talking to an adult on that team.

If I recall correctly, 玩 is pronounced wán and not wáng, so “human player” should be “rénlèiwánjiā”.

Will this be updated at all for this year? I had some trouble understanding the Chinese teams at my regional even with my Chinese knowledge andthis would have been valuable for me!