paper: Chop Shop 166 2015 Safety Plan

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Chop Shop 166 2015 Safety Plan
by: Dan Petrovic

How Chop Shop 166 ensures safety within our work space and while using machines.

Chop Shop 166 Safety Plan:

Every team member is required to pass the Safety Test regardless of sub-team. The test can be found here: Safety Test 2017-18

In addition to the safety test, all mechanical sub-team members must demonstrate proficiency with each machine before they will be allowed to use the machines without shoulder-to-shoulder mentor supervision. Once a student has been cleared to use a machine, a marker of a color that corresponds to the given machine will be added to their safety glasses. Training can be carried out by mentors or senior mechanical sub-team members.

Each student is given a pair of safety glasses by Chop Shop and are kept in a common location. This ensures accurate training record-keeping and that students are always prepared for meetings. Safety glasses are also packed and brought to competitions by the team so that no student can forget their safety glasses at home.

Attached are images that show our common storage location for all students’ safety glasses, the color code, and the machines with their colors displayed.

Safety (8.05 MB)