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Citrus Circuits 2017-2018 Scouting System White Paper
by: SamChung

Technical overview of the Citrus Circuits 2017-2018 Scouting System.

Team 1678 is proud to present our 2017-2018 scouting system White Paper!

The fully digitalized system worked very well for us this year, allowing for seamless data transfer between data-collecting Android tablets and smartphones. It offered significant improvements over our previous version from last year, including supporting our continued scouting team size of 24.

Although very similar to our last season’s scouting system, during the season, we have developed some core changes to make our digitized system more efficient:

Bluetooth - Once again, we aimed to optimize our use of Bluetooth by changing the way the laptops communicate with the tablets. Instead of using programmed Bluetooth sockets which requires a continual Bluetooth paired connection, we used the simple Bluetooth file sharing protocol between devices where the laptop runs a script to distribute files containing the scouting schedule of each scout tablets. The laptops run a part of the Server called Scout-Manager which is used for sending and receiving data to and from the scout tablets.

Scout-QR App - During the middle of the season, we decided to expand our system to be capable of having more than one way to handle and distribute data. Having experienced and knowing the unpredictable situations of using Bluetooth in a competition setting, we developed a way for data to be sent to our online database using QR codes. The Scout-QR app is an app that we have created for both iOS and Android platforms that can scan QR codes and send the stored data to our database. After a match, the Scout app generates a QR code display representing the scouted data for that match, and each scout, using the app on their mobile devices, can scan it. In addition to its scanning feature, the Scout-QR app also displays its own QR code representing a piece of data in our database. This data is a coded String that we came up with that is part of a simple algorithm to determine who is scouting what robot in a match. This QR code on the Scout-QR app is scanned with a camera scanning feature included in the Scout app itself.

These are just a brief overview of the content in our 2017-2018 White Paper. We have also made our 2017-2018 season code public for teams to view. For each of our projects on Github with regards to scouting, please view the branch named release.

Please feel free to contact us by replying to this thread or via email at with any questions regarding our scouting system.

2018-Scouting-Whitepaper.pdf (3.03 MB)

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What data will your scouting collect?
Motivation for scouting?
Scouting Advice
How are people scouting?

Team 1678 is proud to present our 2017-2018 Scouting System White Paper!

In addition to releasing our white paper, we have also released all of our code from the 2018 season, available on GitHub at the links below. Each repository has a “release” branch which contains code that has been cleaned up and preserved for FRC teams to view.

As you may have noticed, we have added additional repositories this year. For information about those repositories, please see the white paper description.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have in this thread!



I know I’m kind of resurrecting this thread, but…
Can you explain what data the super scout app collects on the autonomous page shown as figure b on page 7?



Sure, the Super Scout app is only collecting the plate assignments (which side is red/blue) during autonomous. We also pull this information from The Blue Alliance, but we scout for this information as a backup.

To input this information, the user taps on the side of the switch/scale that corresponds to the alliance they are scouting. The user can also tap again on the switches or the scale to reverse the last inputted color.



Neat, thanks for the timely reply!



I have a question regarding your win chance formula. Isn’t the formula for the t-value supposed to be x-bar - x-bar not x-bar + x-bar? Changes a few things about the calculations and doesn’t fit in with what I know about t-tests.



Yes, that’s correct; it’s a typo in the whitepaper. Thank you for pointing it out!



Okay just making sure, Thanks.