paper: CocoNuts Scouting Sheet 2013

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CocoNuts Scouting Sheet 2013
by: AJ2486

This is our scouting sheet for Ultimate Ascent similar to one we used from SPAM last year that went really smoothly. We had four scouters sit and fill out a sheet while one put them into the excel spreadsheet.

This sheet is designed to have all the matches on one piece of paper and be an easy way to for teams to scout. It was really easy for us (2486) last year, our first real competitive season, and we liked the idea so we kept it for this year too. SPAM (180) gave us the idea last year and we loved theirs so we made a similar one this year for teams that might need some help with scouting. We put what we thought was most important on it so if you see anything that need to be added or fixed just let me know :slight_smile:

Final Scouting Sheet.docx (252 KB)