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Bravo Swando!

This is a great guide to all of those djs out there at either play the same song 5-10 times durring the day or end up playing an entire CD from a band in one hour. But my favoite things about this white paper is that all of your sources are from Chief Delphi. I have to admit, it is a good source, but isnt there something form the FIRST website?

Things you forgot:
“Sandstorm” isn’t in your playlist…
To remove “who let the dogs out” (unless 65 is getting an award)
Daniel Bettingfield “Gotta get throught this”

he does mention darude sandstorm in multiple places, just not in the final apendix…

great whitepaper! from what you wrote youde be a awsome DJ … at the regionals i was at… a few days they played the same song too many times… and thats my biggest pet peeve. .but you covered that topic well…



Thanks a bunch for this, I’m DJing at FLL this year and this has helped me with some stuff to add to my collection

Oh!!! Awesome!!!
Thanks so much!!!
I, too will be working with FLL things and well, I have more FRC-like songs but, this is helpful… a bigger database is REALLY helpful!

And the_short_1, I could not access your links… it said that they were not on the server, whatever that means (I do know what it means but, I don’t know why it said that).

Thanks though for making this thread!:smiley: