paper: Component OPR Database

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Component OPR Database
by: Rachel Lim

Database containing component OPRs/averages for teams, calculations/graphs for world and division ranks, and basic match analysis for division quals.

One of our mentors, Solomon, has been doing component OPR calculations, and I took his data and combined them into a spreadsheet to make it easier to visualize. All the calculations include all qualification matches played by each team.

The spreadsheet includes:

  • OPR: overall, auto crossing, auto boulders (low and high), auto points, crossing points, scaling points, teleop boulders (total, low, and high), and total boulders (low/high in auto and teleop)
  • Averages: breaching success (overall and by defense), capturing success, challenge/scale success by tower face
  • Percentile/rank calculations: returns highest percentile for all entries with that value, (e.g. a perfect crossing percentage on the rough terrain returns 99% not 25%)
  • Various graphs illustrating the above data
  • Match statistics based on the preliminary match schedules, including predicted scores, wins, and boulders scored

Huge thanks to:

  • Solomon (scchang on CD) for doing all the calculations
  • Teams 1114 and 2384 for providing the inspiration on the creation/formatting of the spreadsheet

I hope you’ll find this useful, and let us know if you have any questions or catch any errors.

opr_database.xlsx (1.03 MB)

What dataset is used for a given team? e.g. latest competition, ‘best’ competition, all competitions, etc?

All competitions (all qualification matches that a team played in that TBA has data for).