paper: Contest INCITE $1000 in 80/20 Extrusion!!!

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Contest INCITE $1000 in 80/20 Extrusion!!!
by: SushaK

Introducing VizSeek Contest INCITE

Contest INCITE
[Internet Community-based Interactive Technology Environment]
A Brand New Contest Medium[/CENTER]

Innovate, Invent, Interact using a unique contest environment. Contestants will use VizSeek’s industrial online community networking platform, VizSpace, to collaborate as a team, using 80/20’s online design tool, 8020edge, to create designs fitting the theme of “Material Handling,” with a budget of $1000 for each design. With 8020edge, the contestants can use 80/20 parts to create any number of designs within their individual VizSpaces. Each team will then select five designs to submit to the contest.

One Grand Prize Winner will receive either the 80/20 parts to construct their design or a $1000 credit toward the purchase of 80/20 parts. The winning team will also have their picture and a picture of their project, constructed of 80/20 parts, featured in the 80/20 Stuff book.

[CENTER]Contest Registration opens September 8, 2009!

[COLOR=“DarkOrange”]Contest Sponsors:[/CENTER]

[RIGHT]VizSeek, a Breakthrough visual search technology
80/20 Inc. “The Industrial Erector Set”
NSF, the National Science Foundation[/RIGHT][/COLOR]

[CENTER]Check out the Contest Website: for more information[/CENTER]

FINAL Contest Flyer.doc (649 KB)