paper: Cyber Blue 234 Business Plan 2008

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Cyber Blue 234 Business Plan 2008
by: Chris Fultz

This is the 2008 update to the Cyber Blue Team 234 Business Plan.

Cyber Blue Robotics, Team 234, 2008 Business Plan update.

This document describes the team, how we operate, budgeting, goals, philosophy, etc.

This is our most comprehensive business plan. We gathered data from our own brainstorming sessions, business plan samples from businesses and non-profits and FIRST, and created what we belieed is a complete plan.

Feel free to use this as a template for team plans. Please advise us if you think of new sections that could be added. Please give the team a reference credit if you use large portions of the plan.

Cyber Blue Business Plan 2008.doc (303 KB)

Attached is our 2008 Business Plan udate.

Thanks Chris and Cyber Blue for posting this. I know that one of our summer projects will be to really focus on developing a formal business plan and any models we can review are VERY helpful! :slight_smile:

A terrific document. Thanks for being so willing to share with the community. I’ve added to my “great examples” folder.