paper: Cyber Blue 234 Continuity Plan Presentation - CHP

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Cyber Blue 234 Continuity Plan Presentation - CHP
by: Chris Fultz

This is the slide pack form the Cyber Blue presentation on Team Continuity at the 2009 Championship Forums.

This presentation is from Cyber Blues Team Continuity Plan at the 2009 Championship Forums.

The Risk Management / Team Continuity activity is based off of a common corporate model for business management.

234 Continuity Plan 2009 CHP Forum.pdf (325 KB)

This is the Championship Forums presentation from Team 234 Cyber Blue on Team Continuity.
The presentation was given by students Bree Tonte and Melissa Nicely and Mentor Lisa Fultz.

The presentation in Atlanta brought up several very good points. Risk assessment is key! I also like some of the suggestions that were made for contingencies to the risks that the audience brought up.

Great document, Chris!

Thanks for sharing this. I am sure all teams, no matter how long you have been in FIRST, can learn from this document.


Chris, please tell Lisa I am sorry to have missed this presentation - I had a meeting that conflicted. After seeing this, I certainly am disappointed. I will definitely go over this with my business group…as soon as they stop avoiding me :rolleyes: