paper: Cyber Blue 234 Design Process

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Cyber Blue 234 Design Process
by: Chris Fultz

This is the presentation given at the 2011 FIRST CHP Forums on the full cycle design process used by Team 234, Cyber Blue

This presentation describes the design process used by FIRST Team 234, Cyber Blue. The focus is on continuous improvement, and this is a year around process that begins with a lessons learned event right after CHP and moves through summer and fall projects and then into the next build season.

This presentation was given at the 2011 CHP Forums in St. Louis by 1 mentor and three students.

234 Design Process CHP Forum Preso.pdf (458 KB)

This is the presentation Team 234 gave at the 2011 CHP forums.

The presentation discusses our dsign process, which begins with a “lessons learned” following the CHP event, follows through the summer and fall with learning and opportunity development, and then into the build season with specific steps and reviews leading up to competitions.

For us, this is a year-around process, but teams can use parts of it to work toward continuous improvements year on year.