paper: Database scoring (Excel) - Waterloo

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Database scoring (Excel) - Waterloo
by: kramarczyk

Excel tournement scoring tool that sorts base upon QP and RP. Base upon existing Rack and Roll tool developed by Setsanto.

This is an update to the tool posted by setsanto. It builds from an exiting Rack and Roll match scoring tool (author unknown to me) and uses a VB macro to aggregate the match results by team. These results are combined into a simple QP/RP display based upon the 2007 tournement rules. Note that the individual match results are available on the Match Results sheet by clicking on the ‘+’ at the top of the sheet
Data validation was added into the team entry on the scoreboard sheet to improve input. Protection in the Scoreboard sheet prevented adding macro buttons there. Very little error handling has been included, so use at your own risk. Should be adequate for most users; knock yourselves out

Database_Scoring_(Waterloo)(1).xls (379 KB)
Database_Scoring_(Waterloo)(1).xls (382 KB)

Hey guyz,

I had some issues with this scouting sheet. First of all, It does not let me change the Blue Panalties whereas in red i can do that.Second issue is that the place where it says to enter 3 teams in each alliance(on the scoreboard), It starts from Game # 3 Rather Than Game # 1. And Third one is If you have time, Can you plz Set the scouting sheet on the GTR settings as i am not familiar with VB. Also Since They Updated the team list of Waterloo Regional You might have to get the updated version of the same scouting sheet.

Thank you very much in advance.

Team 1219
Scouting Captain.

Good catch with the penalties thing… I didn’t write that portion of the sheet and it was locked when I got it, so I don’t know how it works. As for the match number… naughty me, I missed cleaning that up before I uploaded it. Just cursor into the cell and change it manually (the sheet protection prevents clicking directly in the cell. You’ll need to do that for each match anyway. You can type in whatever teams you want; there is no macro involved.

Have fun,


Thak you man…but i dont know…there is some problem in the coding. since i cannot change the game # no matter ho many times i click on it it stays the same every match.The second thing is, For example Red team has won the game by 10-2, all 6 teams (red and blue alliance) gets 2 RPs and only 3 get 2 QP. Whereas in my opinion only 3 teams should be getting 2 RP and 2 QP. The other thing is you should consider adding more teams from waterloo 3 teams have been recently added to the regional.

thankyou very much fo the help.

Bilal shahid
Team 1219


The scouting sheet which you posted sometimes doesn’t work. for example,if i want to test it i just say max for red and blue. But the problem is when i say get data it produces an error.

I just wanted to let you know.


Sorry for the delay… it’s build season. Some background before I try to answer some of your questions…

This was created to help setsanto figure out how to move the match results to a common sheet so that he could tally them up for match rankings.

As I said before…

Just cursor into the cell and change it manually (the sheet protection prevents clicking directly in the cell…
The easiest way may be to click in one of the team cells and cursor up.

I believe this is scoring correctly base upon sections 9a.3.4 & 9a.3.5.

OK this one is completely my deal… Are you using Excel 2000? I think the root cause is that I recorded the macro on excel 2003, but it captured more than 2000. It throws an error when I use it on 200 at home. Sorry for the inconvienience. Remind me after ship and I’ll get it fixed before the regional for you. Robot is behind. gtg

Hey dude

I have Office 2003 at home and it works fine. But as soon as i work on my school computers with ms office 2000 it gives the code error sometimes. Would you kindly get it up and running for the ms excel 2000.

On behalf of me and team 1219 would like to appriciate the help you giving to us.

Thank you very much.

Bilal Shahid
Team 1219.

well, I must say, I’m glad to see my scoresheet being used by others. Sorry about locking the fields, although I don’t remember exactly what I used for a password, I have an unlocked version saved that I’d be glad to share w/you. Just send me an e-mail and I’ll send it to you.