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DeVry Robotics Bootcamp
by: Barry Bonzack

This event on November 4th in Orlando looks to be the best Bootcamp yet.

DeVry always holds a yearly Bootcamp where they have their college professors teaching FIRST high school students basics in robotics. It is a highly informative set of workshops. This year it looks like the decided to make it into a fun competition after the students finish their workshops. Brilliant!

Robotics Boot_Camp_2006.doc (25.5 KB)

I wanted to go to this event last year, but silly me scheduled my 16th birthday party for the same day. From what I heard from my team mates it was a great experience and they encouraged me to go this year.

Barry, thanks for putting this on CD. I’ve somehow haven’t received a copy from either of my mentors. Which is quite strange since I normally know about things before they do or they at least give me a copy before they tell the team.

I’m probably going to be in programming (first choice) or mechanical (second choice. No sensors for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone else attending?

Thanks Barry for posting this info. Two Mars students will be attending. Devry had 160 students registered when I spoke with them this week. Should be a great experience.

I will be running the NEMO workshop at the bootcamp for the mentors while the students are in their robotics workshops. I am going to have a computer with internet access and show how to join Chiefdelphi and NEMO, as well as use CD to answer non-engineering related questions. What threads do you all believe would be relevant to show a group of mentors?

I like Mr. Kressly’s encouragement:

Also, Mark McLeod’s threads:

A Mentor is

A Student is