paper: Drivetrain Calculator

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Drivetrain Calculator
by: MikeJ675

_Conversion of Steve Judd’s calculator ( ) that was programmed in VBA/excel.

Some USFirst specific motors added(based on 2006 motor specs)_

134 different motors as well as a custom motor option. Outputs speed and amp draw estimates as well as torque needed to spin wheels, estimated amps needed, and peak drain possible.

If you’d like to have more motors added, just ask(providing kv, torque constant in oz-in, stall and max voltage would be nice)

(note- to just enter your own custom motor values, choose the “Custom motor” option, or just ignore the max voltage warning)

Also, if you find any bugs let me know.

drivetraincalc_1_0.xls (76.5 KB)