paper: Elimination Round Calculator

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Elimination Round Calculator
by: Pat McCarthy

This template can be used as a substitute to FMS to record scores and more during elimination rounds.

Just insert the event name, the alliances, penalties, and scores: Everything else is done for you automagically!

Once the alliances are entered, the quarterfinals are populated with the correct teams. The semi-finals and finals are populated as alliances accrue enough wins to move on.

There is a sheet that will automatically generate a match schedule report that looks nearly exactly like the one FMS would generate. Perfect so the queuers aren’t confused.

The intended use for this workbook is to keep an official record of matches for the a scorekeeper who is using FMS Light or for whom the full version of FMS is not capable of tracking the modifications to the tournament at a particular event.

Elim_Template.xls (72 KB)
Elim_Template.xlsx (25.6 KB)
Elim_Template_Example.xls (69 KB)
Elim_Template_Example.xlsx (26.3 KB)

I developed this spreadsheet over the course of the 2009 off-season as I ran into issues using FMS to keep track of the elimination rounds in which there was less than 8 alliances or more than 4 robots per alliance.

The spreadsheet will automatically populate the match schedule for 8 or less alliances. For alliances that receive a bye to the next round, just be sure to input a winning score for the rounds in which they did not need to play in order for the system to automatically populate the following round in which they play.

I would appreciate any feedback or problems encountered when using the spreadsheet!