paper: Engineering Sourcing In The Global Economy

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Engineering Sourcing In The Global Economy
by: xitaqua

Engineering Sourcing In The Global Economy: Interrelationship Between Math, Science and Pre-Engineering K-12 Education

As the world has become “flat” due to globalization, it is necessary for companies to be able to recruit and retain engineering talent not only from around the globe but also be able to identify talent before they become available in the workforce. Prospecting engineering talent is key for the success of the organization and ensuring the company is able to design, develop and maintain world class systems such as communications devices, transportation systems and complex national defense systems. It is necessary for enterprises to develop the framework in which allows the company to attract talent in the beginning of the “pipeline” by starting to engage with pre-engineering students at the middle school level. It is imperative for companies to develop engineering communities within the organization in which allows a seamless collaboration between academic, professional organizations and the enterprise to attract, develop and retain engineering talent : Engineering Affinity Groups.

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