paper: Event Codes for FRC Events 2002-2014

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Event Codes for FRC Events 2002-2014
by: Basel A

For use with frclinks or… I don’t know, trivia. Includes events no longer running.

[infomercial]Let’s say you want to know the winners of the 2009 Lansing District competition, but you can’t remember the event code. Frclinks only has events that are still running. The data isn’t on the FiM website. Going through FIRST’s What Is Going On In My Area is a hassle. Here’s the solution! A lookup table for FRC event codes! [/infomercial]

In all seriousness, this happens to me sometimes and I haven’t found a good source for the event codes. So I made one. I’m hoping at least like 2 people find this useful.

Note that CMP Division Awards are not available before 2003, Rankings before 2004, and Schedules before 2008. Additionally, match results are not available for Archimedes 2005, Archimedes 2007, or Galileo 2002.

eventcodes.xlsx (14.2 KB)