paper: Expected Division Results for 2012

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Expected Division Results for 2012
by: kendalls

Using 1114’s compilation of OPRs I devised the expected outcomes and rankings of each match and team.

Similar to last year I made a spreadsheet that uses the OPRs of each team to determine the expected rankings at the end of the qualification matches. The coopertition points only get factored in after a team has successfully balanced (I do not predict those). The data also is set to auto synchronize with FIRST’s published match results to give a more accurate expected ranking as the tournament goes on.

Archimedes.xlsx (145 KB)
Curie.xlsx (145 KB)
Galileo.xlsx (145 KB)
Newton.xlsx (145 KB)

What did you base the number of CP each team got upon?

The CP is pulled straight from the numbers uploaded by FIRST in real time on I’m assuming that each team will get 0 CP in my expected results.