paper: Fantasy FIRST Ideas

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Fantasy FIRST Ideas
by: Corey Balint

Basic Summary of what I have going so far

Leagues Scoring and Formatting

Fantasy FIRST Proposal.pdf (78.2 KB)

Looks good …

the ‘keepers’ league is one that wouldn’t be available initially … it’s pretty complex. it definitely sounds fun, though, and would be something that could come in future releases of the FantasyFIRST system.

Aside of possible customizable scoring (discussed in other thread), the only real change I would make would to be removing “selection points”, because it penalizes the owners of teams that decline invitations to other alliances.

Yeah the Keeper League is definitely most complex. But, it has the greatest potential for fun and overall awesomeness.
I also forgot to put the Champions League Idea, but I’ll get to that later.

And Sean, not sure what you’re really talking about there…

I think I do. Teams get some points based on where in the draft they wind up–first pick in first round gets something like 15 points, while the last in the second round gets like .5 points. But if you’re picking and decline, you’re foregoing a reasonable number of points.

You’re talking alliance selection at events … or the FF draft?

I’m pretty sure I understand it. My comment on that, Hey, theyre doing what they think is best for themselves. Too bad they missed on their points there, maybe they think theyll win this way. If not, better luck next time.

I put some more thought into things you could do with this.
Most keeper leagues have a limit on how many years you can keep a player on your roster (usually around 3 or 4). This may be something you want to consider (seeing one player romping around with 71 or 254 after 5 or 6 years might get kinda old :stuck_out_tongue: ). The keeper rules (while sensible, and I agree with pretty much all of them) may be a bit complex for the average fantasy player (or setting it up with CD), and it might be beneficial to try and simplify them a bit.
Another league style you may want to consider (that I have been wanting to see for a while, but would dread scoring, so I haven’t created one) is a “weekly” league. Like a regional event (and uses the same scoring), but you can select any of the teams playing that weekend. That way you get a lot more “big scorers” and many more teams to chose from. Seems like it could be a ton of fun.

looks good corey, but it appears like they aren’t challenging you enough up at Northeastern if you have time do make something like this. :smiley:

Either they dont challenge me enough or i’m just that good. :wink:

I’m definitely just not that good. :rolleyes:
Seriously though. I love it here. haha.

But yeah, again, any suggestions/comments/changes/questions, go for it.
I’ll post examples of things if people want it.

I’m gonna go with they don’t challenge you enough. I’ve seen some of your work there buddy. Not exactly Einstein-esque, if you know what I’m saying.