paper: FF Draft Assistant Sheet

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FF Draft Assistant Sheet
by: EricH

Sheet to set up and run Fantasy FIRST drafts.

Sheet to set up and run Fantasy FIRST drafts. Updated version of

11/28/17 V3.2.6 released. Format improvement, correct number for rookie teams, and adjustment to how tiered drafting is handled (take 1-2-1-2 instead of 1-1-2-2).
12/5/17 V3.2.7 released. Fixing a bug in tier system.
12/7/17 V3.2.7B released, V3.2.7 removed. REALLY fixed bug in tier system, also sped up draft generation.
12/19/17 V3.2.8 released. Bug fixing and moved the last spot from Tier 1 to Tier 2.
11/28/18 V3.2.10 BETA released. Bug fixing. 3-tier capability. Added feature for running districts to flip the player list.

FF_Draft_Assistant_V3.2.6.xlsm (125 KB)
FF_Draft_Assistant_V3.2.7B.xlsm (122 KB)
FF_Draft_Assistant_V3.2.8B.xlsm (118 KB)
FF_Draft_Assistant_V3.2.10_B.xlsm (130 KB)