paper: Field-oriented control of 6WD robot

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Field-oriented control of 6WD robot
by: Ether

_Vehicle turns and goes in the field-centric commanded direction at the commanded speed.

Can be used with any skid-steer vehicle with separate control of right and left wheel speeds (eg 6WD).

Driver interface shown for single 2-axis joystick._

This is a proposal, complete with pseudo-code, of a driver interface for skid-steer vehicles which incorporates the gyro to allow the driver to issue field-centric commands.

The driver points the joystick, and the vehicle turns and goes in that direction at a speed determined by the magnitude of the joystick displacement.

gyro-guided skid-steer 1-29-2011.pdf (30.9 KB)
gyro-guided skid-steer 2-12-2011.pdf (34.6 KB)