paper: Final FMS Scouting Data for All Divisions

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Final FMS Scouting Data for All Divisions
by: karomata

Data after the event, using all of the match data. Data is split into divisions, and all match data including division elimination matches is uploaded and calculated.

I will be releasing the Einstein Data shortly, the small amount of provided data makes it very inaccurate. There were only 7 matched on the Einstein field, making the data have huge marginal errors. You may also notice a tab labeled “UNDER CONSTRUCTION,” that is a feature being build in along with many others for Generation 84 of FMS Scouting. Those updates will be posted as well as another calculator system to will produce statistics regarding events that will occur during a match and can help in creating a very accurate match prediction system.

68 Gen ARCHIMEDES.xlsx (2.22 MB)
68 Gen CURIE.xlsx (2.28 MB)
68 Gen GALILEO.xlsx (2.29 MB)
68 Gen NEWTON.xlsx (2.29 MB)