paper: FIRST Power Up Rules-on-one-page Cheatsheet

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FIRST Power Up Rules-on-one-page Cheatsheet
by: petercooperjr

A sheet I made summarizing penalties and scoring, mainly for myself as a referee but others may find useful.

I make one of these most years for myself, since the process of creating it helps me read through the manual. I figured I’d post it in case others would find it useful.

It’s mainly focused on a refereeing perspective, so most of it is the list of infractions and penalties as well as the details of scoring (particularly the scoring which the referees are performing). But maybe other people would find it interesting as well.

It uses a pretty small font in places in order to fit everything on one page, so if your eyesight isn’t perfect this may not be for you. (Sorry, I just find it really useful to put everything on one page.)

Feel free to adapt it, change whatever you want, and make it your own. I hereby dedicate this document to the public domain. (Well, the parts of it that aren’t cut-and-pasted from the manual, I suppose.)

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