paper: FIRST programs matched to state education standards

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FIRST programs matched to state education standards
by: Rich Kressly

All FIRST programs matched to PA & DE education standards

Here are the latest versions of the documents I’ve used to engage state departments of education directly. They have also played a role in helping teams begin, justify their existence, and strengthen curricular ties. The updates for 07-08 include all four FIRST programs. If you have an educator in your state that wants to create something similar, I’d be glad to help.

PA_Standards_FIRST_06.pdf (214 KB)
DOE_Standards_FIRST_2006.pdf (291 KB)
PA_Standards_FIRST_0708.pdf (296 KB)
DOE_Standards_FIRST_2007_08.pdf (364 KB)

Both PA & DE Standards are matched to FIRST programs. The “updated for 07-08” versions include the FTC logo, updated referencing to the web, standards adjustments, and all four FIRST programs (JFLL, FLL, FTC, FRC). If you need an “in” with the school, staff, admin, or board, this just may be the way to start a conversation. If you’re not from PA or DE these can stil help (ask Andy Baker about the workforce development connection in Indiana). If you have an educator in your state that would like to create something similar for your purposes, I’d be glad to assist in the process.

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I am in the process of developing a curriculum for a new robotics class. We are a Rookie team this year in FIRST. We are TEAM 2468.

Thanks for the link. It is a great resource for me. I am in Austin, Texas. We are looking at a strand of engineering courses from the eighth grade up.

Maybe you will also find this robotics curriculum helpful as a reference.

Thanks for updating, Rich. I hope your work will be useful to many educators in the FIRST community. :slight_smile:

I have that one downloaded as well. I visited with my administration about it this week.

I am trying to work on curriculum research, teach the class, get ready for our Rookie season as well as going to grad school at the same time.

I am excited about the Kickoff and the upcoming season but tend to get overwhelmed at times.

Thanks for your help.

The St. Louis curriculum materials are awesome. There are also some course files, including proposals here: and some national robotics education resources in the form of a curriculum framework here:

Good luck!