paper: FIRST Robotics General Program Proposal

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FIRST Robotics General Program Proposal
by: Martinez

A program proposal for the FIRST Robotics Competition. Designed to be a comprehensive packet for submital to corporations and potential rookie teams.

Inspired by the success of my Lockheed Martin FIRST Robotics Proposal (over 300 dowloads to date, obtaining Lockheed sponsorship for Chuck 84 and help getting 2053 off the ground), I’ve generalized the document for individuals to give to corporations and potential rookie teams. Designed as an overview of FIRST, common team structure, costs and benefits. Includes student tracking statistical information from multiple teams and multiple quotes. Feel free to contact me for more information such as videos, FIRST Fliers, and team networking.

FIRST_Robotics_General_Program_Proposal 07.ppt (1.35 MB)

I’m remember creating a rookie sponsorship presentation and this white paper makes the process look easy. Convincing companies to help start a team is a huge investment, the more facts and statistics available really help support the argument.

I would like to see this document have a few more slides at the National scale taken from FIRST’s annual report. Overall though the document is very well done, thanks to all,

Nice Job!!!