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FIRST Robotics Signing Day
by: Coach Norm

Let’s celebrate our graduating seniors and their pursuits after graduating from high school with FIRST Robotics Signing Day. PDF explaining what it is and how to host an event.

Graduation from high school is a major milestone in a students life. Our seniors are moving forward from our teams and schools as they pursue their education after high school and future careers. Signing day is a day to celebrate the accomplishments of the Seniors on your team. Lets help raise the awareness of FIRST Robotics and our graduating seniors.

We will be hosting our FIRST Robotics Signing Day on May 18th, 2016. We would like to encourage all FIRST Robotics teams including FRC and FTC to join in the celebration.
Hashtag for the day will be #FIRSTSigningDay

FIRST Robotics Signing Day Kit.pdf (957 KB)
FIRSTRoboticsLetterofIntent.pdf (105 KB)
FIRSTRoboticsLetterofIntent.docx (16.4 KB)
2017 FIRST Robotics Signing Day Kit.pdf (557 KB)
2017 FIRST Signing Day Summary Card.pdf (975 KB)
2017 FIRST Robotics Letter of Intent (2).docx (16.5 KB)
2017 FIRST Robotics Letter of Intent Non Collegiate (2).docx (16.4 KB)
FIRST Robotics Signing Day Kit.pdf (322 KB)
2018 FIRST Signing Day Summary Card.pdf (42.6 KB)
2018 FIRST Robotics Letter of Intent.docx (24 KB)
2018 FIRST Robotics Letter of Intent (Non Collegiate).docx (24.1 KB)

A kit for planning a signing day along with a sample document for the Letter of Intent.

Imagine if we had all the data of our seniors as they graduate? Which university, college or program would be able to have the greatest number of students?

Great idea. Be sure to post some follow up photos here too.


I would like to encourage you to host an event at your school. Please let us know if you decide to host one or even need to discuss with us about an event.

We will be posting pictures:

We had our official kickoff of #FIRSTSigningDay today at Westlake High School.

We have 30 graduating seniors from our FRC program this year. We are excited to share their decisions to move forward in their pursuit of career aspirations. It was a great honor to celebrate our students with our district and high school administration.

We are trying to gather as many students names and Letters of Intent to share with FIRST Headquarters. The following link will take you to a form to enter information about your team. Please feel free to share this Google Document link with any FRC or FTC teams.

Signed Letters of Intent

This is great! We are planning to incorporate this into our end of year banquet on May 11th. We will include our FRC seniors and also our Vex seniors that are graduating this year. Our school is very sports-oriented and has dozens of seniors signing to play college sports and we hope that by including the signing event at our banquet it will increase visibility for robotics in our school and in the greater community. I will post pictures!

This is awesome news and congrats on recognizing and celebrating your students.

Please post pictures on Social Media and tag with hashtags. Here are a few suggestions: #FSD17, #FIRSTSigningDay, #NationalDecisionDay, #STEMkidsgopro and @FIRSTSigningDay on Twitter.

Michelle Long from FIRST HQ is very excited about this and will be watching for posts and updates.

Team 2539, the Krypton Cougars of Palmyra, PA, will be participating in Signing Day on May 17. Our event is planned at 6:30pm at the team’s build site. We will recognize all of our seniors and have those attending college in the fall sign letters of commitment. I’ll share pics after the event. Thanks for the idea and the kit — very helpful information in there!

Updated documents with Word Documents for 2017 and also included a non collegiate version of the document.

Photos of our event can be found here:

Our press release:

Area Seniors Honored on National Robotics Signing Day

Palmyra, Pa. — FIRST Robotics Team 2539, the Krypton Cougars, honored its seniors and participated in the national FIRST Robotics Signing Day on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. Honored were team co-captains Henry Will and Joe Boyer from Palmyra High School, and Matthew Campbell from Hershey High School.

FIRST Robotics Signing Day is described by the FIRST organization as “a nationwide campaign recognizing the outstanding high school graduates that have participated in FIRST Robotics programs and are choosing to continue with their education beyond high school.”

Will signed a letter of intent to attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute after graduation, majoring in Engineering and Product Design; Boyer will attend Indiana University–Purdue University in Indianapolis (IUPUI), majoring in Motorsports Engineering; and Campbell will attend Penn State Main Campus, majoring in Computer Science.

In addition to highlighting the students’ commitments to attend college in the fall, the event celebrated the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education received in the high school classroom and as members of a FIRST Robotics team.

The Krypton Cougars welcome students from throughout Central Pennsylvania to join the team. Membership on a FIRST Robotics team gives students the opportunity to experience STEM, as well as learn leadership, teamwork, management, and strategic thinking skills that prepare them for a successful life after high school. For more information, visit the team’s website at

Congrats to Will, Boyer and Campbell. Good luck to Krypton Cougars in the futue and to the students as they pursue their careers.


Coach Norm:

Sorry I didn’t see your reply sooner, but thank you so much!

No problems. Good luck this year with the team and to your students during the school year.

Since today is National Letter of Intent Signing Day for college athletics, here is our updates and information about FIRST Signing Day this year.

FIRST Signing Day is essentially our version of the National Letter of Intent Signing Day for high school athletes entering college, but catered towards FIRST students instead (both FTC & FRC). Through FSD, high school FIRST teams hold an official signing ceremony to celebrate their seniors’ future plans.

We believe that seniors in robotics deserve due recognition for their contributions to FIRST and their efforts to seek out higher education. In fact, over 75% of FIRST Alumni have “gone pro” in a STEM Field as a student or professional; on the other hand, ~2-3% of athletes have “gone pro” across all six major sports according to the NCAA. So far, we’ve had multiple FIRST Hall of Fame teams participate – Bomb Squad, Holy Cows, Miss Daisy, HIGHROLLERS, and RUSH – as well as many others across the U.S.

Our team has been working with personnel at FIRST Headquarters (namely Michelle Long, FIRST Alumni Relations Manager) to push out this initiative on a wider scale. FIRST Staff recommended we email the individual regional directors as a next step in pushing this culture change which was done earlier this year.

For more information/material to send out, please take a look at the attached FSD card or visit the FIRST Signing Day page ( Here’s also a link to some of the press coverage which FIRST Signing Day has gotten:,

We would love to know if you participate in the initiative this year. If you cannot do it on the same date, chose a date and recognize your seniors for their well deserved recognition.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.