paper: FIRST Team 3337: Chairman's Award Essay

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FIRST Team 3337: Chairman’s Award Essay
by: MysterE

As we submitted our essay early, we figured we would release it to the public a bit early as well. Comments appreciated.

This is our fifth year to submit a Chairman’s Award as a team and our first year to submit coming off of a previous year’s win at the Bayou Regional.

Chairman’s Award Final 2015-2016.pdf (408 KB)

I wanted to add a bit to the post overall due to the fact that there are always new teams working on Chairman’s Award.

Our general essay writing process is a bit interesting. Usually, our awards team meets together to make a very rough outline of what is being written. Only one person actually writes the initial first draft using the previous year’s essay as a guide. Once done, the whole team rips it apart using knives and spoons. It is then re-written using those suggestions and ripped apart again.

Once this is done, its given to even harsher critics - our teachers - who rip it apart. We then edit it using each teacher’s edits to help further refine how well it flows. Unfortunately, this does not catch every single error - but it helps.

Finally - we read the essay out loud - sometimes backwards. If it still sounds coherent, we are ready to submit.