paper: FIRST Team 587's Pneumatic Pressure Selection System

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FIRST Team 587’s Pneumatic Pressure Selection System
by: lbarger

FRC regulation compressors supply a limited amount of air during the 2 minutes of competition; therefore teams need to carefully control how much air is used during the course of each match. FIRST Team 587 has a developed a unique pneumatic system to regulate the amount of air pressure used in specific cylinders to better manage the usage of available compressed air.

By switching between two different regulated pressures on board an FRC robots, teams can better manage the amount of air used to drive a pneumatic action based on the amount of power needed in that action. We select between 60 and 20 psi depending on the function (or direction) we are driving an arm.

FIRSTTeam587PressureSelectionSystem.doc (188 KB)