paper: FLL VRC FTC Cost Comparison Excel Spreadsheet

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FLL VRC FTC Cost Comparison Excel Spreadsheet
by: Rick TYler

A comparison of first- and second-year typical costs for the three programs. Estimates for FIRST programs come from FIRST and FIRSTWA, estimates for VEX come from the VRC program Exothermic Robotics Team.

There is another tab called “Expense Graphs” that show the data graphically.

Line 1 has a value for “number of teams” from a single school or club. This may be changed by the user. The default is “4”.

Cells with blue text are calculated, and black text may be changed. Play with the numbers to see what your own experiences reflect.

Program Expenses Comparison 090914.xls (36 KB)

Fantastic ! I knew I could expect great things from your study since you have experience with FTC and VEX.

I’ve been getting lots of questions from my FTC/VEX and FLL/VEX teams about this price comparison.

You are awesome Rick TYler !

P.S. I know how to fix those stuck keys if you ever need some help !

This is a truely awesome white paper. I rarely download white papers, but when it basically screamed what I have been looking for (comparison amongst the 3) I jumped on it! Thank you very much for this great white paper!

Why not add in Botball and BEST to this chart. Maybe Andrew L. could put some figuires into those columns and repost an updated version.

BEST $0.00 registration fee
$0.00 tournament fee
maybe $100 on extra parts
suggested mock field items will vary greatly from year to year.

BotBall $2,250 registration fee - includes only allowed kit of parts which is new each year. this also includes the tournament fee plus a two day teacher training. I think they’ve had options in the past were teams could re-use the controllers and save $100. I also think they may have added an reduced fee plan for registering additional teams. It has been four years since I’ve had a Botball team. $150 or so for PVC etcetera to build the field elements. Initial cost to purchase the 4x8 whiteboard and set up a the light for starting and stopping the robot if that is still the field control system.