paper: FRC 1712 2010 Chairman's Entry

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FRC 1712 2010 Chairman’s Entry
by: Delia

FRC team Dawgma 1712’s Chairman’s entry for 2010.

Final version of our chairman’s essay with pictures :smiley:

CA_1712_2010.pdf (1.79 MB)

2010 CA Entry and Exec Summary - printable version. If your team hasn’t started yet, do so! For those that think they “can’t win, so why bother?” do NOT consider this an effort to win an award, consider it an effort to document a culture changing experience for your community and use it as a local communication tool and a guide to help direct your team’s future growth toward accomplishing the mission.

Good luck to all.

To all of team 1712 - great work and a great write-up.

You continue to grow and evolve and do even greater things. Hard to believe you have only been at this for 5 years.

Best of luck in 2010 - we will miss seeing you at DC.

As always, it’s an honor to interact with such a team.