paper: FRC 2009=>Road Map to Useful Links from NEMO

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FRC 2009=>Road Map to Useful Links from NEMO
by: RoboMom

4 Page list of useful links for the 2009 FRC season
(Posted on 12-7-2008)

Figuring out where to go in FRC to get “official” and “unofficial” information can be confusing, especially for new mentors.

NEMO compiled this list of links to help for the 2009 season.

This list is a work in progress and is not meant to replace other resources. Any updates to this document will be posted on the NEMO website.

NEMO-2009-FRC-Road Map to Useful Links.pdf (69.4 KB)

Thank-you NEMO for compiling a straightforward, well organized list of FRC resources. Often it’s not what you know that leads to success, but the ability to get the information/answers that you need. This compilation will help expose new FRC members to the many resources available to all, and is a great index for experienced participants.

Particularly when build time is ticking, this index could be a valuable time-saver!

Already updated on 12/8/2008 and most recent version can be found on the NEMO resources page.
Look under “Miscellaneous documents” towards the end of the page.