paper: FRC 2587 Electrical Layout & Construction Notes

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FRC 2587 Electrical Layout & Construction Notes
by: philso

Notes on good electrical layout and construction techniques based on standard industrial practice. Following these guidelines, has dramatically increased the reliability of our robots in the last two years.

This PowerPoint presentation is divided into four parts. The first gives a primer to some of the major electrical components. The second gives guidelines on how to layout the electrical components taking into account issues such as power flow, signal flow, interference, manufacturability and serviceability. The third section gives some guidelines regarding electrical construction techniques, with examples of how to properly strip wires and how to properly crimp lugs onto wires. The last section contains some resources that may be helpful including tutorials made by other FRC teams and sources for many of the tools needed. Please also see the “Notes Page” related to some of the slides.

FRC 2587 Electrical Layout & Construction Notes 04.pptx (5.47 MB)