paper: FRC 2811 - 2013 BunnyBot CAD

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FRC 2811 - 2013 BunnyBot CAD
by: craigboez

A CAD model of our 2013 BunnyBot

Here is a CAD model of our 2013 BunnyBot that competed in the Portland competition. We lost in the finals, and overall were very happy with the robot.

WCD utilizing Vex Pro 2-CIM Ball Shifters
Over the bumper ball collector
Rotary turret
Shooter using 2x 6" FIRST Wheels
Pneumatic “bunny dumper” located on the back

Electrical isn’t shown, but most of the big stuff was in the belly pan and motor controllers were mounted on the underside of the angled support brace.

This was our second WCD, our first with tensioning and bearing blocks. Thanks to 973 for posting CAD of their robots as we borrowed a lot of their design in this area.

The CAD isn’t perfect so feel free to ask questions if something isn’t clear. We’re also happy to take feedback and suggestions. Thanks.

FRC2811 - 2013 (6.33 MB)

I meant to add, this was all built in house by our students on manual equipment. A lot of our design is based around being able to make it the old fashioned way.

Awesome! It was great having you guys there.

We’ve also decided that using manual mills and lathes is the better way to go hahaha