paper: FRC 2811 CAD Files

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FRC 2811 CAD Files
by: craigboez

I’ll be posting various CAD models from team 2811 for the general benefit of the FIRST community.

2012 - Our Rebound Rumble robot was our first West Coast Drive robot. We went with 4" custom wheels, a custom two-speed gearbox, and 25 chain to transfer power. The rails held the bearings and there was no tensioning. We figured if a chain ever got out of tension we would throw it away and install a new un-stretched chain. This served us well through two regionals and we never needed to change a chain. The simple design meant we didn’t need to machine bearing blocks or deal with tensioning systems.

FRC2811 - 2012 Drivetrain 8WD WCD.stp (4.83 MB)