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FRC Calculator
by: Deke

This document provides calculations for common FRC components (drive train, mechanism, intake, shooter, pneumatic, chain - belt center distance, basic kinematics).

This document is mainly an extension of JVN’s Design Calculator. It includes the most used calculations I had scattered through different spreadsheets, and organizes them into one location. It also organizes systems into columns for comparison and iteration of designs.

Tank Drive Calculations:
Speed, amperage, brownout conditions, traction limited, chain belt load, will it turn?, total pushing force, etc.

Mechanism Calculations:
Speed, amperage, stall load, chain/belt load, time traveled, etc.

Intakes and Shooters:
One or two sided, speed, amperage, stall load, chain/belt load, time traveled, etc.

Extension/retraction force, air usage, storage tanks required using Boyles law, cylinder speed using Bernoulli’s principle, etc.

Chain - Belt Center Distance:
Distance between two sprockets/pulleys, number of links, odd or even links, etc.

Basic Kinematics:
X and Y projectile components, hang time, distance, plotting projectile path, etc.
(ignores air resistance and lift)

FRC Calculator - Revision 0.xlsx (191 KB)
FRC Calculator - Revision 2.xlsx (209 KB)