paper: FRC Event Comparison 2009-2012

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FRC Event Comparison 2009-2012
by: Jim Zondag

Compilation of data from the past 4 years of FRC events, showing how all events rank relative to one another in terms of average team performance vs. competitive balance.

I began using this method in 2009 when we launched the District systemin Michigan. The original goal was to have a method for grading FRC events relative to one another so that we could see how the new format District events compared to other traditional Regionals on performance metrics. This is the best method I have devised so far to do these type of comparisons. It works very well to measure event capabiliy growth in season, as well as comparing events across multiple seasons.

I have a paper describing the method in more detail which is in the works if I can ever find time to finish it. I am posting this data sheet now because several of you have seen it in the past and have asked me for it recently. Use this data how you like, it is a population study.

FRC Event Comparison 2009-2012.xlsx (137 KB)