paper: FRC Robot Design Concept Development Aids

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FRC Robot Design Concept Development Aids
by: rick.oliver

The attached files contain a guide to the process of analyzing the game, developing a strategy and creating a decision matrix for use in evaluating concept options. A Gantt chart for the 2015 season is also included

The Word document provides a guide to the process of evaluating the game and developing a strategy, a scoring matrix and a Feature/Attribute matrix which provide the foundation to develop a decision matrix. The guide is derived from information posted by 1114 as adapted from my experience over the years.

Game Analysis Process.docx (23.6 KB)
Decision Matrix - 2014 Example.xlsx (12.4 KB)
Build Season Gantt Chart for 2015.xlsx (19.2 KB)

If you have specific questions for clarification, please send me a private message to which I will reply.

Any other feedback, please post.

Enjoy the challenge.