paper: FRC Seeding World Rankings!

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FRC Seeding World Rankings!
by: samir13k

Shows how your robot seeds against the rest of the world! (Excel Spreadsheet)

This is a spreadsheet taking the seedings from all regionals. putting them together, and then ranking them. Since all regionals did not play the same amount of matches, I have divided the Overall Seeding points for the team, and divided it by the amount of matches they played. IF YOUR TEAM HAS PLAYED MORE THAN 1 REGIONAL, YOU WILL BE LISTED TWICE SEPERATELY. Hope You enjoy it. It is in no way official, or guaranteed to be 100% accurate, but it is cool to see if your team did really well. Sorry, but the Wisconsin regional is the only unlisted regional. Feel free to make any mods to your own copy, I may or may not update it depending on how many people would like to see it. Thanks

note this is ranked by average score per match played, there is a column to the right of that, which is the average score per match played WITHOUT COOPERTITION Bonus. It doesnt change the ranks too much, but its cool to see what you would have if the coopertition bonus was not in effect.

Overall (642 KB)
Over All Standings.pdf (1.16 MB)
Over All Standings Without Michigan.pdf (1.44 MB)
Over All Standings with Michigan.pdf (1.48 MB)

This is a revision after week 3 regionals. Enjoy!

This looks really cool! I have to comment though, most (if not all) of that is a reflection of how that alliance did, and not the specific team. I noticed that when I saw that there were a few teams (specifically mine) with hanging points… despite their lack of hanging mechanism!

Scouters Beware!

clarification= This was never meant for scouting… just for a sort of overall view of how a team did… I do have a column for scores without coopertition… I could make one for without hanging too, but that would be unfair to teams that do have hanging mechanisms… I dont have the drive to figure out whether or not these 1117 teams have hanging mechanisms or not :ahh: lol

Anyone using this list as their sole scouting resource simply won’t make it to Einstein. Don’t worry about it.

No love for us up here in Michigan? :stuck_out_tongue:

The data for Midwest is incomplete. The FIRST website is missing a partial round of matches. All teams played 10 matches and in the end, 1732 ended up first and 16 was second (I’m sure there were other such rankings changes in other places.

Any chance you can save it in an older version of Excel for those of use with Excel XP?

Seconded, Its an awesome document but it is missing everything from the Michigan districts.:wink:

This Microsoft KB Article may be useful for you.


You can get the compatibility download from Microsoft here.

It worked for me.

Actually, I have an older version of Open Office. I forgot (I can’ remember which software I have on my work laptop and what I have at home). I’ll have to see if I can find the upgrade for that.

I’m working on releasing it in a excel 97-2003 edition
also, a PDF version…

If anyone would like an Open Office Calc edition, I can do it too. I will just put all versions into a zip file since I dont have a better way to host it.

I have created a version in PDF, Excel 97-2003, and Excel 2007

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Sorry to be a little impatient, but when do you think the week 4 world rankings will be posted?

Sorry, i didnt know if the interest was there, i’m a little busy right now trying to get some code done, but I will try to have it up later tonight.

The rankings for WPI are incorrect: because of a mistake in the data entry (Edit: Not your data, the data entry at the competition which actually caused a re-do of the alliance selection), the data you have is missing the final qualification match, which impacted the top 8 rankings.

The match can be found here:

Overall very impressive. Thank you for posting.

Ok, the updated revision with week 4 has been released! Enjoy

Thanks samir for posting this - interesting to look at!

Are you missing the Wisconsin regional? I don’t see 706 listed at all. I think that was week 3. Maybe I’m missing something.