paper: FRC Survival Guide Version 2

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FRC Survival Guide Version 2
by: kristinweiss

Compilation of FRC resources

Version 2 of the FRC Survival Guide.

FRC Survival Guide V2.pdf (375 KB)

Several people have reached out to us asking for an updated copy of the FRC Survival Guide before school starts back, so as promised, here is Version 2 of the FRC Survival Guide! Thank you to everyone who message/emailed us with feedback to help improve the guide, as well as everyone who shared their own resource guides/databases with us and let us incorporate their resources that we didn’t even know about before! As always, feel free to message or email us with any feedback you may have!

Thank you.

It was too late to get it in the actual paper, but I’d like to throw in my Optimal Gear Ratio Calculator with the rest of these great resources. It helps designers pick the correct motors and gear ratios for mechanisms to have certain properties (e.g. a certain speed under load, certain current draw, etc). It’s relatively new, but I think it’s something FRC students would find very useful.