paper: FRC World Rankings 2012

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FRC World Rankings 2012
by: MARS_James

After finding one for the 2010 season I decided to make a ranking for Rebound Rumble.

After finding a ranking by Samir Shaikh for Breakaway I decided to go through with the data from every regional/district event and rank each individual performance accordingly. Rankings are determined by your Qualification Score divided by the number of matches played at that event. Ties are sorted like the rules this year with Average Hybrid Points, then Bridge Points and finally Tele-op points to settle disputes.

Congrats to 469 for the highest ranking and to 67 for all four of the outings ranked in the top 15

The Second file is every teams combined average from every regional.
Congrats to the Top 8: 67 2481 987 469 829 3161 1114 and 1507

World Rankings.pdf (3.55 MB)
World Rankings Single.pdf (2.51 MB)

How was this created? Would it be possible to get a csv or other computer-readable form of this? This is cool, it would be nice to be able to get more information from this.

But Qs contains coopertition score. I would have to say that its not a valid way to rank teams ability.

Also, If you had a tough schedule it would affect your ranking dramatically. For example if you had 2-3 powerhouse teams on the opposite alliance against you.

Its hard to accurately rank all the frc team’s…

Edit: But by firsts ranking system it looks accurate.

I made this is a ranking based on how you did at the competition not based on power so since FIRST ranked us with Coopertition so did I

I am making another with every teams combined efforts averaged so while I am doing that I will also make one eliminating CP so we are only ranked based on your QS minus CP then according to how you did in HP BP and TP

I get what you mean its perfect if your going by the first ranking system.

Consider adding all qualifying matches over the season together for an over-all average. In this case I think I know which team would rank #1:D

how do you put together a ranking sheet like this?

I went through the standings of each regional/district event copied them in excel made a quick auto function to divide the QS by matches played sorted them by that then did the same during ties for HP BP and TP

All in all not hard work but very tedious

Does this not include championship data? If so there’s an error with 548, we got 34QS in 9 matches on Newton. (3.77 points per match)

It doesn’t include Finals only regionals and district events (including district championships)

Wow…2738…we are one of the oldest teams and our rank is so low. I guess it’s just inspiration to do better next year :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that this is a ranking of every team for every time they attended a competition. There were only 2332 teams that attended at least one event but there were a total of 3361 in this ranking.

Ether, this is not an OPR ranking. It is a ranking of how well teams played to the seeding system in each district/regional and normalized to the number of matches they played. A team has to win most of their matches and also be on alliances that did a lot of coop bridges successfully to do well in this ranking. The title World Rankings in this post is a little misleading. Just as the seeding system this year is not a true ranking of how strong a team is. This sorted list follows the same logic and is not a true ranking of strength. However I have to admit that the teams on the top of this list who gets more than 3 out of the max of 4 QS pts per match definitely are exceptional teams.

Thanks Ed, I fully realized that.

It is a ranking of how well teams played to the seeding system in each district/regional and normalized to the number of matches they played.

Yes, that was made clear in the summary description of the paper linked in the original post.

The title World Rankings in this post is a little misleading.

Agreed. That’s why I posted the link, for a different point of view.

I added the combined rankings from every regional so every team is only listed once next I will be doing the QS without CP for everyone only being listed once

I may do a final one with rankings from nationals

Am I opening it in the wrong format? Can i open it in a spreadsheet so I can search for my team or do I have to look through thousands of numbers to find my team?

You can do searches with acrobat reader.

<CTRL> and “F” at the same time… is your friend.

Thanks guys. also if you would have included offseason events i think 3081 would be almost in the top 1000 seeing as we seeded 2nd and placed 2nd and scored alot more points then are 2 season events

So i’m confused my team is 3947 and i was wondering if somebody could tell me what these rankings mean for my team. Thanks:confused: