paper: FRC148 - 2009 Robot Assembly - "Tornado"

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FRC148 - 2009 Robot Assembly - "Tornado"
by: JVN

A CAD assembly (STEP) of the 2009 FRC148 Robowrangler Robot - “Tornado”.

Lots of people have asked me to send them the CAD models of our 2009 robot “Tornado”. I figured if I posted the assembly model someone might be interested.

The robot was designed using SolidWorks but I posted a universal STEP file for download.

This model may not 100% represent the final robot. As everyone knows, there is a certain amount of “tweaking” during the build process, and sometimes the CAD model never catches up. Also, no matter how many times I say “CAD every detail!” we never quite CAD every detail…

Please direct any questions on this design to me (John V-Neun) via PM, email, or IM (all available through this site). (11.8 MB)